Lanzhou Noodle in Flushing Mall's Food Court: Menu

Noodles carry the day here. Just pick your protein and let the master noodle pullers do their work of yanking long strands of dough into shape before throwing them into boiling water.


Beef brisket noodle soup Beef tendon noodle soup Beef noodle soup Roast pork noodle soup Seafood noodle soup Meat sauce noodle Shredded pork noodle Chicken noodle soup Vegetable noodle soup Wonton noodle soup Preserved vegetable Beef brisket fun soup Wonton fun soup Cool noodle Lamb noodle soup Lamb noodle soup Dumpling noodle soup Seafood fried noodle Sliced pork fried noodle Beef fried noodle Chicken fried noodle Roast pork fried noodle Vegetable fried noodle Shredded pork chow fun Beef chow fun Singapore rice noodle

Cold dishes

Shredded pork stomach Beef organs in spicy sauce Sliced cucumber in garlic Pork ear in spicy sauce Chicken finger Tea egg Beef tendon spice Sliced seaweed in sauce Leek dumpling with pork Celery dumpling with pork Cabbage dumpling with pork Three delight dumpling Lamb dumpling Pan fried dumpling Vegetable dumpling Wonton soup Frozen dumpling

Over rice

Satay chicken Braised rice noodle Spicy double cooked pork Roast pork fried rice Diced chicken with salted fish Vegetable fried rice Beef fried rice Soy sauce fried rice with chicken Bean curd sichuan style Braised beancurd rice Delight vegetable over rice Radish beef stew over rice Brown sauce fish w rice Shredded prok w garlic sauce rice Lamb with chili pepper rice Bean curd with baby shrimp Pork chop with salt chili pepper Beef with tomato over rice Satay sauce beef rice Spicy chicken over rice Chicken chili pepper over rice Shrimp chili pepper over rice Curry chicken rice Countryside style duck over rice Scallion oil chicken Shrimp egg


133-31 39th Ave Flushing, NY 11354

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