Korean Food in Flushing Mall's Food Court: Menu

Korean Food serves, appropriately enough, Korean food —from your standard bibimbap to kim chi soup, all served for those of you hankering for flavors beyond Chinese.

Menu ($4-8)

Sundubu jigae Bibimbap Haemul-Pajeon Bulgogi Deopbap Odeng Seafood soft tofu soup Rice with mixed vegetables Sliced rice cake soup Rice with stir fried pork Seafood Korean pancake Rice with marinated beef Rice with marinated chicken Seafood nabe udon Fish cake soup Seafood ramen Rice with spicy sauteed squid Spicy rice cake with ramen Rice porridge with abalone Kim chi soup Bulgoki rice cake Sliced rice cake soup with dumpling Rice with mixed vegetables with noodle Seafood stir fried noodle


133-31 39th Ave

Flushing, NY 11354

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