Hai Di Lao in Flushing Mall's Food Court: Menu


[Photo credit: Robyn Lee]

I gave their "casserole meat balls" (on the picture menu, only the text menu is below) a try. First, a word of warning. I messed up the Chinese slightly and was correctly smugly by the woman behind the counter. This probably wouldn't happen if you don't look Chinese, though. The casserole itself was a clay pot of burning hot soup with large sized, decent pork meatballs. But the real action—from spying on another customer's order—seemed to be with the noodle soups.


House made hot pot Noodle soup with lamb Rice noodle soup with beef Rice noodle soup with chopped pork House made vegetable soup (meat) House made vegetable soup (veg) Chinese burger Sauteed jello Cold jello with sesame sauce Sweet and sour noodle/rice Vegetable noodle Chive dumpling Triple delight dumpling


133-31 39th Ave Flushing, NY 11354

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