A Sandwich a Day: Imported Salami from Milano Market

A Sandwich a Day

A new sandwich every day.


Milano Market has one of the best sandwich counters I've ever seen. Behind it are four or five sandwich guys (I refer to them as such because I can practically hear them saying, "I'm the sandwich guy"). They yell, "Next! Next!" continuously until you catch their attention, and you'd better have an order ready. They have such an air of authority that when my guy asked if I wanted olive oil and vinegar on my imported salami sandwich ($9.25), I thought I'd better say yes.

And boy, was that a good decision. This sandwich has a generous portion of surprisingly thinly-sliced salami, and it's topped with a funky and savory provolone cheese. The oil and vinegar accentuate the cheese and don't overwhelm the meat. The olive bread roll is simply delicious—more chewy than crusty, with an airy, fluffy interior that sops up the fillings' tasty flavors. As long as you pay attention to your sandwich guy, you'll walk away from Milano Market with one tasty sandwich.

Milano Market 2892 Broadway, New York NY, 10025 (map) 212-665-9500