Xie's Family Dishes (謝家菜) in Flushing's Golden Shopping Mall


[Photo credit: Lingbo Li]

While there's no formal menu at this Tianjin-style stand, signs on the windows promise dumplings: Chinese leek with eggs, shrimp and pork, and Chinese celery with pork (at $3 for a dozen). A hot and cold buffet rotates out such gnawing-intensive snacks as duck necks, sliced meats, and stir-fried veggies. Frequently on display is a pork aspic, pig's feet, and spicy bamboo shoots. Make room for their dumplings and popular cold potato strips, or some fierce tripe for those who like their offal with some spice and chew.

Address and directions

Stall 38 (with the blue sign with yellow lettering, next to Xi'an Famous Foods.) 41-28 Main Street Flushing, NY

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