What to Eat in Flushing's Golden Shopping Mall's Basement


[Graphic and photo credits: Lingbo Li]

If you thought the first floor of the Golden Shopping Mall was cramped, try heading downstairs.

Trying to eat the entirety of Flushing's Golden Shopping Mall's basement is like descending into madness. There are just so many choices—diced rabbit seeped in red oil and dusted in white sesame, the springy bite of Lanzhou hand-pulled noodles, chewy-skinned dumplings and thick bones full of bone marrow to slurp.

This is Flushing at its cramped best, with more noodles than you could shake a pair of disposable chopsticks at.

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What to give a try here? Of course, there are the classics like Xi'an Famous Foods' cold skin noodles, with their addictive sauce and springy texture.

There's the visual fun of watching Lanzhou Handmade Noodles pull dough, or a worker at Xie's Family Dishes run her fingers through tofu glistening in spicy oil.


[Graphic and photo credits: Lingbo Li]

I enjoyed the spicy, fragrant offerings of Chengdu Heavenly Plenty and will gladly return to try other Sichuanese classics like dan dan noodles or boiled fish slices in fiery oil. But one of my favorite finds had to be the bone-gnawing comfort of pork bone soup Zhu's Snacks, where you get to suck marrow straight from the source with a plastic straw.

And see if you can wrangle the waitress at Mom's Hot and Numbing Heat into letting you order an "extra spicy" bowl of their hot and numbing soup. But don't blame me if you go lunging for the drink cooler.

I'm here to bear good news: most places, even if the staff doesn't speak English, will have an English menu. There are, however, a few notable exceptions. For these, I've translated menus. It can also be hard to navigate, so I've included an interactive, clickable map (also available as a PDF download) and menu images if you don't have Chinese installed.

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