Still Tickets Left to the Maine Event with The Meat Hook/Roebling Tea Room

You might not have $1,500 to toss around, but if you do, this sounds like a pretty glorious way to spend it. The second annual Maine Event at Salt Water Farm in Lincolnville, Maine, from August 12 to 15. It's basically an all-inclusive DIY foodo nerd summer camp weekend with Tom Mylan and Brent Young of the Meat Hook and Denis Spina and Millcent Souris of the Roebling Tea Room.

The official name is actually: The Maine Event: A Week of Butchering, Shucking, Roasting, Smoking, Pickling, Preserving and Distilling on the Coast of Maine. In addition to all the verbs listed, there will also be blueberry picking, pie baking, ricotta making, chicken slaughtering ("but not in a creepy way," promises Brooklyn Based editor Annaliese Griffin), schooner sailing, lobster boiling, and of course tons of food (and booze!).

Tickets are $1,500 for individuals and $2,750 for couples. They just have a few slots left (well, eight). Contact Annemarie Ahearn at 207-230-0966 or email her at [email protected] for details and reservations.