Old North's Fresh and Fragrant Fried Kebab Shop (老北方鮮香炸串店) in Flushing's Golden Shopping Mall

This recently opened kebab shop offers traditional kebabs as well as seaweed-on-a-stick.

Address and directions

No number (in the basement, second stall on your right coming in through the Main Street entrance.) 41-28 Main Street Flushing, NY

Translated Menu

Print out this menu and bring it to order so you can point to what you want. If you don't have Chinese characters installed on your computer, download our image version of this translated menu.

Fried Kebabs ($1)

鸡肉串 Chicken kebab

鸡心串 Chicken heart kebab

牛肉串 Beef kebab

牛筋串 Beef tendon kebab

羊肉串 Lamb kebab

海带串 Seaweed kebab

小馒头 Steamed buns

Typical Old North Snacks

招牌酱骨 Spareribs with sauce 老北方炒粉Old North's stir-fried rice noodles 特色麻辣热汤绘面Specialty hot and numbing soup with broad noodles 特色麻辣凉拌绘面Specialty hot and numbing cold noodles 炸鸡丸 Fried chicken meat balls 炸豆腐干 Fried tofu 炸鸡翅中 Fried chicken wing 炸鸡架 Fried chicken carcass 正宗 铁板烤鱿鱼 Authentic sizzling plate roasted squid

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