North-South Dumplings (南北水餃) in Flushing's Golden Shopping Mall


[Photo credit: Lingbo Li]

North-South Dumplings serves not only dumplings, but a healthy list of side dishes, stir fries, noodles, and wontons. I found the dumplings satisfying, especially if you enjoy thick, slightly chewy skins. The filling was flavorful and juicy. If you fall in love with them, you can tote home 50 frozen for $10.

Address and directions

Stall 1A (near the DVD shop and the 41st St entrance. Look for a relatively large space and a green marble-pritned trash stand out front) 41-28 Main Street Flushing, NY

Translated Menu

Print out this menu and bring it to order so you can point to what you want. If you don't have Chinese characters installed on your computer, download our image version of this translated menu.

Frozen Dumplings (50 pieces/$10)

韭菜饺 Chinese chive dumplings 白菜饺 Cabbage dumplings 茴香饺 Fennel dumplings 荠菜饺 Sheperd's purse dumplings

Entrees ($1-5)

羊肉面 Lamb noodles 冷面 Cold Noodles 海鲜面 Seafood noodles 酸菜粉干Preserved vegetable with rice noodle 百时海鲜 A variety of seafood with noodles 牛腩面 Beef belly noodles 牛肉面 Beef noodles 云吞面 Wonton noodles 牛筋面 Beef tendon noodles 荠菜云吞 Shepherd's Purse wontons (a type of vegetable) 鱼丸面 Fish ball noodles 猪骨面 Pork bone noodles 汤圆 Sticky rice flour dumpling soup 水饺 Dumplings 扁肉 Meat wontons 包子 Steamed bun 拌面 Noodles with soy sauce and sesame butter 排骨面 Sparerib noodles 杂酱面 Noodles with sauce 卤蛋 Soy egg 汤饺 Soup dumplings 大云屯 Big wontons

Side dishes ($3-5)

炒青菜 Stir fried greens 素炒黑木耳 Vegetarian stir fried cloud ear mushroom 黑木耳炒肉片Cloud ear mushroom stir fried with pork slices 青椒炒牛肉 Beef 青椒炒大肠 Intestine 青椒炒牛肚 Beef tripe 韭菜炒目鱼Chinese leeks stir fried with milkfish 花生炒虾肉Shrimp and peanut stir fry 炒空心菜 Stir fried water spinach 鱼汤 Fish soup 炒鱼片 Stir fried fish slices 炸鱼片 Fried fish slices

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