Lunch for One: Bouley Studio


[Photo: Kathy YL Chan]

Last Friday we brought you a short bit on the fries at the newly opened Bouley Studio. Today, we're back for lunch. How does the Studio differ from the former Bakery & Market, which it has replaced? No soups, or buffet by the pound at the new location, which is significantly smaller. The menu has been edited down to include burgers (beef, vegetarian and fish), roast chicken, fries, salads and pre-made sandwiches. It's a self-serve place—order downstairs and eat at one of the few outdoor tables, or go upstairs into an air-conditioned room.

On Thursday and Friday evenings, the upstairs turns into a full-service restaurant, offering a four or seven course Japanese kaiseki menu. Talk about multitasking! Nonetheless, the food is still as good as before—more expensive than your usual takeout, but significantly higher in quality. I've taken a liking to the Fish Burger ($12.95), coupling a sauteed skate fillet with extra-crisp and browned surfaces with a little lemon, salt and pepper. The skate is layered on a toasted English muffin with a smear of seed-speckled mustard, lettuce, sliced purple onions, and tomatoes.


What's New On Serious Eats

Dessert? They're still working out kinks in the pastry section, and the cakes and sweets have yet to make their re-appearance. For now, stick with the daily fresh fruit juices. The Watermelon Juice ($3.25) has become my go-to hot-day drink (along with the version served at Num Pang), a clean and refreshing puree of the quintessential summer fruit.

Bouley Studio

130 West Broadway, New York NY 10013 (map)