Lucky Wenzhou Snacks (如意溫州小吃) in Flushing's Golden Shopping Mall


[Photo credit: Lingbo Li]

Wenzhou's fishball soup is nothing like the Fuzhou fishball soup that you can find at Old Wang Ji on the first floor of the Golden Shopping Mall. They're more fish noodle than fish ball: they come elongated and tapered, swimming in a light, sweet-sour broth. The refreshing, slightly sour tang of the broth makes it a nice summer palate cleanser.

Wenzhou is a district of Zhejiang Province. The local cuisine is heavy on rice on seafood and light on oil. According to their official English website, famous snacks include "fishball soup, duck's tongue, uncooked swimming crabs, fried rice-flour noodles, raw blood clams, stuffed dumplings, wonton (dumpling soup), steamed sponge cakes, oil-lamp-shaped deep-fried cakes, double-steamed cakes and dried beancurd." You'll find some of those on Lucky Wenzhou Snacks' menu below, although noodles are their specialty. An abbreviated picture menu with English translations is also available in the restaurant.

Address and directions

Stall 32 (in the basement, the second stall on your left coming in through the Main St entrance with the red paper sign.) 41-28 Main Street Flushing, NY

Translated Menu

An English picture menu is available, but many of their offerings are in Chinese only. I've translated these below. Download a mobile-phone friendly version of the translated menu, with Chinese characters, here.

Dishes ($3-8 for a small, $5-12 for a large)

猪耳朵拌芹菜 Pig's ear prepared with celery 盘菜生 Plate of raw vegetables 油炸带鱼 Fried ribbon fish 海蛰头拌黄瓜 Jellyfish and cucumber 鹌鹑 Quail 熏鱼 Smoked fish 雪菜肉丸Preserved vegetable with meat balls 笋干扣肉 Bamboo shoots with pork 鱼饼 Fish pancake 鱼丸 Fish ball 卤鸭 Stewed duck 熏鸡 Smoked chicken 蒜泥凤爪Chicken feet with garlic 卤牛腱 Stewed beef tendon 卤猪肚猪耳朵Stewed pork stomach and pig's ear 卤牛肚 Stewed beef tripe 鱼胶冻 Fish gelatin 肉冻 Pork gelatin 高粱肉 Sorghum pork

Noodles ($3-6)

云吞汤 Wenzhou Wonton soup 鱼丸汤 Wenzhou Fish ball noodles 排骨汤 Wenzhou Spare rib noodles 拌面 Wenzhou noodles with garlic vinegar sauce 牛肉面 Beef noodles 锦粉面 Rice noodles 肠粉干Dry rice noodle with intestine 白萝卜White radish

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