Lanzhou Handmade Noodles (正宗兰州拉面) in Flushing's Golden Shopping Mall


[Photo credit: Lingbo Li]

A $4.75 bowl of noodles at Lanzhou Handmade Noodles at the Golden Shopping Mall basement begins its life as an enormous block of dough. The noodle craftsmen begin working it softer, stretching the dough into long and thinner strips and doubling it on itself. Listen for the violent thwack, thwack on the countertop as he beats it into shape.

After a quick dusting in flour, he pinches off a section and rapidly stretches it to his armspan, doubles it, and stretches it again. In a matter of seconds, a elegant ivory loom appears between his fingers.

Fortunately, eating a bowl of these noodles isn't nearly as labor intensive. They have a pleasantly springy bite, and are great cold in the summer months mixed up with shredded cucumber, sesame paste, and some chili oil. Ask for Lanzhou cold noodles (兰州凉面 lanzhou liang mian).

Address and directions

Stall 27 (closer to the 41st Rd entrance, across from Xi'an Famous Foods.) 41-28 Main Street Flushing, NY

English Menu

An English menu is available, so I've typed up their translation for reference.

Translated Handwritten Specials (written in Chinese only)

鱼丸 Fish balls 8 pieces/$3 水饺 Dumplings 12 pieces/$3 兰州凉面 Lanzhou cold noodles $3.50

English Menu ($4.75-6 for noodles, $10 for frozen dumplings)

Beef hand-pulled noodles Ox-haslet hand-pulled noodles Oxtail hand-pulled noodles Sirloin hand-pulled noodles Cattle tendon hand-pulled noodles Seafood hand-pulled noodles Vegetable hand-pulled noodles Mutton hand-pulled noodles Eel hand-pulled noodles Fish ball hand-pulled noodles Dumpling hand-pulled noodles Wonton hand-pulled noodles Roast duck hand-pulled noodles Pork chop hand-pulled noodles Hand-cut noodles Pig large intestine hand-pulled noodles Pig spareribs hand-pulled noodles Pig tube bone hand-pulled noodles Pork catsup soy hand-pulled noodles Frozen dumplings

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