Golden Vietnam Bakery (越南面包河粉) in Flushing's Golden Shopping Mall


[Photo credits: Lingbo Li]

This joint has the distinction of serving the only non-Chinese food in Golden Shopping Mall. It's not, however, a total misfit: the owner is Chinese man who did a stint in Vietnam. I gave his beef banh mi a try—the meat was an interesting pick of braised short rib, topped by a finger of cucumber, plenty of mayo, and the usual tangle of pickled carrot and daikon.

Address and directions

Open everyday 9am-8:30pm 718-461-2098 Stall D2 (the long metal lunch counter immediately on your left) 41-28 Main Street Flushing, NY

English Menu

The entire menu is available in English here, so this version is typed up for reference.

Sandwich ($3.75-5.50)

Banh mi golden (pork) Banh mi ga (chicken) Banh mi lu'o'n (eel) Banh mi Bo Lu'o'n (beef shortrib) Banh mi pate cha

Pho ($5-6)

Xe Lu'a (rice noodle soup, six different meats: brisket, navel, flank, omosa, tendon, and eye of round) Tai Nam Gau Gan Sach (combination rice noodle beef soup with fresh eye of round, brisket, navel, flank, tendon, and omosa) Tai (combination rice noodles, beef soup with fresh eye of round) Pho Bo Vein (combination rice noodles, beef soup with beef meat balls) Nam Ve Dzon (combination rice noodles, beef soup with flank) Pho Bo Suon (combination rice noodles, beef soup with beef short ribs)

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