First Look: Blue Smoke Bake Shop


[Photo: Kathy YL Chan]

Where to begin? A slice of Key Lime Pie, or Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies? A golden loaf of Raisin-Fennel Bread, or a Buttermilk Loaf? Or perhaps a Bourbon Pecan Pie and an equally rich Double Chocolate Brownie alongside?

All the options are tempting at the newly opened Blue Smoke Bake Shop, in the front of Danny Meyer barbecue joint Blue Smoke. All these baked goods, and cupcakes, too—double chocolate and a "Very Vanilla," with a sour cream vanilla cake base. Don't forget about the rotating "Cupcake of the Month," featuring Red Velvet for August.


But in the end, we were most delighted with the Banana Cream Pie—as good a slice as you could imagine. A crust of crumbly, buttery salted graham cracker, along with vanilla and walnuts, is piled high with fresh bananas and a full-bodied vanilla custard. Fresh whipped cream covers the surface, along with toasted, crushed walnuts. It's $7.95 a slice, not cheap, and definitely not big enough for two to share. But worth every penny? Oh yes.


While you're there, pick up the Salty Chocolate Bar ($3.95)—this one is made for sharing. It's dark chocolate, studded with bits of salted peanuts and grilled jalapeño for a lingering note of spice. I would have never guessed jalapeño to be the source of spice if not told beforehand, but it works beautifully. Heat, salt and sweet all in one bite—what more can you ask for in a candy bar?

Blue Smoke Bake Shop

116 East 27th Street, New York NY 10016 (map) 212-447-7733