A Sandwich a Day: Fried Cauliflower at Rainbow Falafel & Shawarma

A Sandwich a Day

A new sandwich every day.

In this great city of ours, one could eat a different sandwich every day of the year—so that's what we'll do. Here's A Sandwich a Day, our daily look at sandwiches around New York. Got a sandwich we should check out? Let us know. —The Mgmt.


[Photo: Robyn Lee]

In my initial effort to grab a sandwich from Rainbow Falafel & Shawarma, I walked right past it. It's my favorite kind of "restaurant," a hole-in-the-wall. It seems almost impossible that the duo behind the counter would be able to serve up as much variety as their menu offers in such close quarters. But I never doubt a man who has such confidence carving chicken for shawarma.

All the sandwiches come on pita, with lettuce, tomato, onions, and tahini sauce. I ordered the fried cauliflower ($4.75), a promising concept. And after one bite, it was pretty clear: this is how you make cauliflower haters love cauliflower. The cauliflower become tender but with a salty fried crisp, with the tahini sauce as a perfect complement. There was a pretty uneven distribution of cauliflower, so once you got to the bottom of the soft pita you were munching on straight lettuce and tomato. But the sauce was so good I didn't mind finishing up the dregs. The sandwich is tasty, and a great deal for less than five bucks.

Rainbow Falafel & Shawarma

6 East 17th Street, New York NY 10003 (map) 212-691-8641