Weekend Plans: Breakfast at Bark


[Photo: Carey Jones]

The only bad thing about "breakfast" at haute hot dog shop Bark in Park Slope? That it's only served on Saturday and Sunday. This chorizo sandwich ($8), the housemade sausage crispy-edged and plenty juicy, is served on a butter-browned English muffin with pickled jalapeños, egg, and a mellow avocado sauce—it's warm and cool, spicy and creamy, juicy and crunchy all at once.


Also tasty? The French toast ($8) made from Amy's Bread brioche, downright custardlike on the inside and smothered in sparingly sweet strawberry preserves...


... and the biscuit with gravy ($5), its crispy-edged biscuit soaked through with sausage flavor. It's not as light as we like our biscuits, but smothered in this gravy, we're not complaining.

Bark Hot Dogs

474 Bergen Street, Brooklyn NY 11217 (map) 718-789-1939