TGI Fry-Day: French Fries at Rare Bar & Grill

TGI Fry-Day

Explorations of the frying arts.

Who doesn't love french fries? We've long been looking for New York's best, and decided that the city's fries deserved more than a post—they needed a column of their own. Here's TGI Fry-Day, your weekly dose of deliciousness. Got a nomination? Let us know. —The Mgmt.


[Photograph: Lingbo Li]

If you don't like the first Rare Bar & Grill fry you pick up, just try another one. You see, every fry stuffed into this paper-lined silver cone is rare fried potato snowflake—no two are quite the same shade or doneness. While some are fried to a brunette crisp, others are blonde and slightly soft in the middle. This might lead to initial oversampling as you try to figure out their true identity.

In the end, what linked them all together was a thicker exterior, slightly chewy and giving them a bit of heft to throw around. I guess this one's for the fry lovers who always reach for the variety pack.


[Photo: Robyn Lee]

And if that's not variety enough? There's always their French Fry Tasting Basket ($10)—cottage, shoestring, and sweet potato fries, all in a huge happy heap.

Rare Bar & Grill

152 West 26th Street, New York NY 10001 (map) 212-807-7273