Sugar Rush: Tiramisu at Veloce Pizzeria and Motorino

Sugar Rush

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20100713 Pizza Veloce Abraco Tiramisu.jpg

[Photo: Kathy YL Chan]

At Veloce Pizzeria, the tiramisu ($8) isn't just tiramisu, but tiramisu made with slow drip coffee from Abraço, the beloved neighborhood coffee institution around the corner. The cocoa-dusted number is of even proportions, two layers each of thoroughly coffee-saturated lady fingers and a sublime whipped mascarpone cream base. It hovers on the fluffy side as far as tiramisu goes, but is comparable in decadence to...

20100713 MotorinoTiramisu.jpg

...Motorino, just a few blocks north. Carey did a post on Motorino's tiramisu ($7) earlier this year, and the words hold true. They are generous with the chocolate, and the cream here is less whipped, more dense, making for a velvety mouthful. Which is better? They are both quite excellent, and it all boils down to opinion—Veloce's tiramisu offers lighter body, a delicate forkful. Motorino's is darker, on the luxurious side. Best solution? One order at each restaurant—they're only a five minute walk from one another!

Veloce Pizzeria

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