Sugar Rush: Ice Cream Cakes at Quality Meats

Sugar Rush

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[Photo: Kathy YL Chan]

The Ice Cream Cakes served from Quality Meats' ice cream counter will appeal to the greedy, grubby child inside each of us. Here, you don't get a slice of ice cream cake, you get the whole cake. It's large enough to call lunch, and there's something inherently satisfying about finishing an entire cake on your own. Call it gluttony, but I'm sure coming back for another.

There are three very different cakes on the menu, $8 each. The most popular is the Monster Mash Cake ,made with "Cookie Monster" Ice Cream. What makes this ice cream so fun? Peanut butter cookies, Oreo cookies, and oatmeal cookies crushed into the ice cream batter, along a few mighty helpings of peanut butter itself. A mouthful to say the least. On the "lighter" end is the Cherry Monkey Cake, coupling banana cake and pistachio cherry ice cream.


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But my favorite? The Pie Fight ($8), the most summery of them all. Check out the ice cream cake innards—first we've got a layer of blueberry cake, followed by a wickedly tart and creamy lemon meringue ice cream. Another layer of cake, then top of raspberry whipped topping, strawberry shavings, and even more ice cream. A fondant cow to finish, but that's more for looks. The only part I didn't love about the dessert was the plastic-y, strawberry shavings, and the fact that the whipped topping could have been a million times better if replaced with fresh whipped cream. But you can't deny the looks—how could this ice cream cake not make you smile?

I ordered my ice cream cake to go, but it was so hot outside, I was afraid it would melt before I could finish. Sensing my hesitation to venture back into the heat, the waiter suggested I sit down, and brought a glass of ice water. I plopped myself onto a bar stool with front row views of the ice cream assembly and basked in the air conditioning. Talk about service.

Quality Meats

57 West 58th Street, New York NY 10019 (map) 212-371-7777