Sugar Rush: Two Takes on Matcha Cakes

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20100504 Lady M Green Tea Cake.jpg

[Photo: Kathy YL Chan]

We've got two takes on Matcha Cakes for you today. The first is by Lady M on the Upper East Side, though you can also find this cake at the Soho Dean & Deluca's. Lady M turns out a vibrant and matcha-intense cake ($7.50). Matcha makes its way into the alternating layers of both cake and cream, with a final dusting over the exterior. The only non-matcha element is an outer layer of whipped cream. Though the tea flavors are deep, potent even, the texture is unexpectedly light, and your stomach won't even know you've had dessert. All the more reason to follow it up with another...

20100504 ChikaLicious GT GM Cake.jpg

ChikaLicious Dessert Club delivers a less pricey version for $3.95. Here the matcha cake layers are divided with lightly sweetened whipped cream. It is a picture perfect sight, and looks like one of the fake plastic cake slices you find in Japan. The tops are finished with piped matcha whipped cream. A tight and tidy slice, less powerful in flavor than Lady M's version, but as a result, more accessible. If we must choose between the two, I'd go with Lady M's version: the stronger matcha flavor I can find in a mouthful, the better.

Lady M

41 East 78th Street, New York NY 10075 (map) 212-452-2222

ChikaLicious Dessert Club

204 East 10th Street, New York NY 10003 (map) 212-475-0929