Sugar Rush: Otto's Rhubarb Coppetta


[Photo: Kathy YL Chan]

Dripping in sweat all day yesterday—hello, summer!—the only thing I could think about was finding something chilly to counter the heat. So I turned to Otto, always a lifesaver for both dinner and dessert. The Rhubarb Coppetta ($10) made a recent return to the menu—a base of dense and moist polenta cake, crumbles and chunks, and a scoop of Meredith Kurtzman's vanilla gelato. Chilled, poached rhubarb sits alongside spicy lemon-ginger curd. The pale pink ploof at top? Just about the most delicious strawberry-prosecco zabaglione you'll ever come across. Candied ginger to finish, and plenty of air conditioning.

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