Gridskipper's Recommendations For 4/20 Eats


All on the Munchies list. Clockwise from top left: Motorino pizza, funnel cake from Led Zeppole, Shack Stack from the Shake Shack, Momofuku pork buns

It's April 19th, which means tomorrow is April 20th, which means that some number of New Yorkers will be on the prowl for the junkiest, carb-iest, most primally satisfying foods the city has to offer. For the occasion, Gridskipper put together "The New York City Munchie Guide," covering outlets from Economy Candy to Motorino to Minetta Tavern. Led Zeppole was clearly created for this list (to say nothing of Artichoke Pizza next door), but why would you ever go to Mamoun's when this city has Taïm?