A Sandwich A Day: Chacarero Completo at Barros Luco

A Sandwich a Day

A new sandwich every day.


[Photo: Nikki Goldstein]

Though Barros Luco has a selection of ten Chilean sandwiches on their menu, all of them follow basically the same format. Start with their homemade Chilean bread—thin but strong enough to hold a pile of condiments, lightly buttered and crunchy around the exterio—and toss on tender sliced chicken, steak, or hearts of palm. Add to that your desired combination of melted cheese, tomato, banana peppers, mashed avocado, mayo, and cooked string beans (yes, string beans), and the result will most likely be one of the sandwiches on their list. My choice? The Steak Chacarero Completo—the Chilean "works"—with both red and green salsas on the side ($7.49 plus $0.25 for salsa).

With silky cheese that wraps around each piece of meat like a Latin-inflected cheesesteak and green beans for an unexpected crunch factor, there's plenty going on in each bite. It's delicious on its own, but add salsa and the flavors really shine. Some will complain the portions are on the small end given the price,—despite their slogan, "For a Presidential Appetite." (Barros Luco is named for a former Chilean president). Members of that camp should "Grande" their order for an extra $2, but keep in mind that the option is only available if you dine in.

Barros Luco

300 East 52nd Street, New York NY 10022 (map) 212-371-0100