Video: Farming and Breeding Rabbits for NYC Restaurants


Even if you've eaten rabbit, you probably haven't thought too much about how a rabbit farm operates. John Fazio in Modena, New York, raises ducks as well as fresh rabbits. In this episode of Food Curated, documentarian Liza de Guia visits his bunny haven where about 2,000 of them (ranging from babies to does) live. They're raised for 12 weeks until they're good and healthy. You can tell, Fazio explains, by the two strips of fat on the back of their necks and the fattiness around the kidneys. Luckily this video doesn't go into the bloody details of the farm-to-table process. Mostly you just see them hopping around in their fluffy, happy state. Watch the video, after the jump.

Farming and Breeding Rabbits for NYC Restaurants

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