Lunch for One: Caffe Falai


[Photo: Kathy YL Chan]

Today's a reminder that the winter gloom hasn't left us for good. So before summer hits, make sure this is on your agenda: Spaghetti Ai Fegatini Di Pollo ($15) at Caffe Falai in Soho. Housemade chitarra spaghetti, with chicken livers that seem to melt and coat each strand in savory rich goodness. But with every other forkful, little chunks of liver still intact—warm, teasing, decadent!

To top, grated parmigiano and a sprinkle of bottarga. This dish may be too salty for some, and it's unabashedly heavy, especially for a weekday lunch. But if you don't indulge now, when will you? Don't forget about the fresh bread basket alongside, with hearty slices of grain bread, a roll slicked in olive oil and speckled in salt, and then wedges of a crusty loaf—perfect for soaking up the succulent juices at the bottom of your dish. Nothing shall go to waste!

Caffe Falai

265 Lafayette Street, New York NY 10012 (map) 212-274-8615