Celebrating Sixpoint's Fifth Anniversary


Sixpoint Craft Ales growler at the Fifth Anniversary Celebration. [Photographs: Katie Quinn]

The beer flowed freely at the fifth anniversary celebration of Sixpoint Craft Ales, held last night at Roberta's in Bushwick. There's no question that locally brewed Sixpoint has a loyal following—reflected in the sold-out event's crammed communal tables and the lines at each beer depot around the restaurant. And the deal didn't hurt, either—$32 for an evening of unlimited Sixpoint beer and Roberta's pizza.

But to flock to this event like a frat boy to "dollar pitcher night" would have overlooked the purpose of the celebration: a real celebration of beer. The cozy backyard was open and the fire pit was up and running, though the communal tables were packed elbow-to-elbow. Yet the mood was cheerful, and complaints were few and far between—outstanding beer helps with that. Particularly the show-stoppers at the Experimental Beer Bar, some of them one-time-only brews: the Double Sweet Action, Irish Latte Stout, and the Progress Ale.


Sixpoint brewers, from left, Craig Frymark, Jack Kennedy, Shane Welch, Sean Redmond, Casey Munz, Jeff Gorlechen.

Sixpoint brewmaster Shane Welch attended; approachable and at ease, he was more than happy to talk with anyone about his brews and the evening's cause for festivities. Where at times New York can feel like a city where people live to work, this gathering reflected the community of New Yorkers who work to live—and who live to drink good beer.