The Brunch Dish: Dutch Baby at Resto

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[Photos: Nikki Goldstein]



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Until last weekend's visit to Resto, my only encounter with the Dutch Baby was at the Original Pancake House, where you wait 45 minutes for a gigantic apple-studded bowl of crisped dough easily the size of a basketball. I've always wondered where the dish came from, and what it's supposed to be like.

The answers? It's not actually Dutch, but German, and is really supposed to be a lot less voluminous that OPH's gut-buster. In short, it's supposed to be just like what's served at Resto.

Thin (but thicker than a crepe), sweet (but lighter than a pancake), it's most comparable to a flat and large Yorkshire Pudding. With a shake of powdered sugar and a generous squeeze of lemon, it's a lovely and delicate treat, crisped at the edges and doughy in the middle. I'd go back for it, sure, but next time I'd share it as an appetizer—the portion is proportionate to the extremely reasonable price tag ($8).


And if I'm replaying brunch, I'd follow it up with Resto's great grilled cheese ($12) with both bacon and pork belly. It's not a dieter's sandwich, my waiter warned—not just the double dose of pig, it's heavy on the butter, with deliciously melty Vermont cheddar. Needless to say, though, it's a darn good sandwich.


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