Sugar Rush: Spiced Hot Chocolate at Locanda Verde

Sugar Rush

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[Photo: Kathy Chan]

Though there's much joy to be found in extra-thick hot chocolates (City Bakery and Shake Shack, to name just two), the sort of hot chocolates I return to time after time are the ones of thinner consistency—ones that I can drink an entire cup of, and still feel of sound stomach. This would included the Spiced Hot Chocolate ($5) from Locanda Verde. Cinnamon and cardamom-spiked chocolate ganche is blended with steamed milk. (What kind of milk would be your choice, though you'd be silly to go with anything less than whole milk). Not overwhelmingly chocolaty, but enough to satisfy a whim.

And the best part? The drink comes with a duo of house-made vanilla marshmallows—a classy finish indeed. Also spotted were a few new baked goods, including a particularly plush apple cinnamon bun. We'll be back with more!

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Locanda Verde

377 Greenwich Street, New York NY 10013 (map) 212-925-3797