Only in Queens: Union Amore Brick Oven Pizza Hookah & B.B.Q. Lounge


[Photos: Joe DiStefano]

New York City's most diverse borough has plenty of pizzerias, from old-school slice joints like New Park Pizza in Howard Beach and brick-oven spots like Nick's in Forest Hills to ethnic interpretations like bulgogi pizza. I thought bulgogi pizza was the strangest take on pizza I'd ever find in Queens, then I happened upon Union Amore Brick Oven Pizza Hookah & B.B.Q. Lounge in Flushing. They also have sushi and ice cream—just in case you're pregnant and crave a tuna roll, pizza, ice cream, kebabs, and water pipes.

New Sushi, located at the front of the house has its own menu, which includes, believe it or not, toro. In the back is the pizza part of the operation, which, truth be told, looks quite conventional. The hookah lounge, which is off to the right, has yet to open.

Frankly I am scared of Union Amore Brick Oven Pizza Hookah & B.B.Q. Lounge. I love Queens for its multiculturalism, but this place is just too out there, even for me. After a day of touring the Korean restaurants of Murray Hill and checking out a Korean Buddhist temple, this bizarre mashup of a restaurant left my friends and me speechless from multicultural shock. I suppose it could be worse—at least they didn't have a taxidermy outfit set up in one corner of the huge space.

Union Amore Brick Oven Pizza Hookah & B.B.Q.

34-38 Union Street, Flushing NY 11354 (map) 718-869-6012

New Sushi