How Much Salt Is In That Pretzel?


Pretzel from Sigmund's: yes, that's salt. [Photo: Robyn Lee]

After Bloomberg announced an initiative to lower the amount of salt in New Yorkers' diets, the Post took a look at the sodium content of a few popular local foods—pretzels from Sigmund's, hot dogs from Gus & Gabriel, pizza from Motorino, a bagel with smoked salmon from Delicatessen, and a lamb pastrami sandwich from Char No. 4.

Despite the sprinkle of salt on top, it's the pretzel that clocks in the lowest. But all the chefs interviewed dismissed Bloomberg's anti-sodium crusade. "Salt is such an important food enhancement," said Michael Ferraro of Delicatessen. "If we eliminated the amount of salt in this dish by half it would never have made it on the menu."