Wylie Dufresne's Ice Cream Bagel: Breakfast or Dessert?


[Photographs: Melissa Hom/Metromix New York]

Metromix New York gets the scoop on the ice cream bagel at chef Wylie Dufresne's WD-50. The origin story accompanies a cool series of photos showing the making of:

Although this bagel had humble beginnings as a mere scoop of bagel-flavored ice cream, some friendly kitchen one-upmanship turned its presentation into something far superior. "Alex [Stupak], the pastry chef, joked that we should put it in a savarin mold, pop it out, airbrush it to look like a bagel," laughs Dufresne. "So, I called his bluff. I said, 'Do it.' He said we didn't have a savarin mold, and we didn't have an airbrush. So, I bought one right away."


50 Clinton Street, New York NY 10002 (Stanton/Rivington; map) 212-477-2900; wd-50.com