The Dessert Files: Holiday Flavors at Doughnut Plant


[Photo: Kathy Chan]

I stepped into the Doughnut Plant last Friday hoping to find one, perhaps two holiday doughnuts. It seemed a good omen when my favorite doughnut guy was working the counter—the best, most enthusiastic and genuine doughnut salesperson that ever existed on this planet. Little things like that make all the difference in daily doughnut purchasing experiences.

And when I inquired about the holiday flavors? There weren't just one or two, but five reasons worth celebrating.

And because I love you this much, I ate them all.

The best two of the bunch of was the Cranberry Cake Doughnut (pictured at top), with dried cranberries chopped and folded into both the dough and glaze. Just the slightest bit tart, and genuinely happy tasting.


My other favorite was the Apple-Cinnamon Doughnut Holes. I rarely find doughnut holes at Doughnut Plant; if they're there, don't pass them up. The holes are made from a caramelized apple dough with plenty of cinnamon in every bite. At three for a $1, I could see myself stopping in for a little snack far too frequently.


Dotted with extra plump raisins, pine nuts and citron, the Panettone Cake Doughnut held true to its name—a fried form of the classic holiday bread, dusted in sugar. This was a messy one, but surely worth the extra napkin.


I enjoyed the Pomegranate Yeast Doughnut the least - save for the sparse speckle of fresh pomegranates across the exterior, the doughnut didn't taste of much of pomegranate.


The Marzipan Yeast Doughnut is only advised for serious lovers of marzipan. The Pomegranate doughnut tasted nothing like pomegranate, but the marzipan doughnut tastes like nothing but marzipan. Intense and in your face.


Gingerbread is the holiday flavor I go crazy over, and Doughnut Plant executed a deep and well-spiced doughnut. It's the sort of cheerful spice that just warms you up and makes you smile. Thumbs up for the tiny cuts of candied ginger accompanying the glaze. A welcome change from your usual gingerbread cake or cookie.


Pair your doughnut with hot coffee, or better yet, a cup of their hot chai, made in-house, and absolutely wonderful (if not a tad too sweet).

Eating Our Way Through the Doughnut Plant's Menu

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