Cheeseburger Sausages from The Meat Hook

"It's total stoner food. We're actually seeing if 'High Times' wants to write about it."


[Photos: Joe DiStefano]

No sooner did Tom Mylan and Brent Young open the Meat Hook in Brooklyn than Mylan flooded my Facebook with tons of mouthwatering status updates:

Wuh-oh. Looks like Bacon Cheeseburgers dogs are totally happening!

Stay tuned tomorrow for the return of yet another storied sausage from the first age of Middle Earth, the Cougar!

After about two weeks of these posts I could take it no longer, and journeyed to Williamsburg to check out what the two butchers were up to.

Upon entering, the air was filled with the scent of curing charcuterie, as Deep Purple and other mid-70s arena rock blared through the sound system. "We needed something to break down a couple of animals to," Mylan said. Those animals included this yearling lamb pictured here along with half a steer.

But I was all about the sausages—not conventional ones like sweet and hot Italian links, but rather Mylan and Young's own bizarre creations. Sadly, they were out of the banh mi dogs, which combine all the ingredients of a Vietnamese sandwich packed into a casing, so I opted for the cheeseburger sausage and the cougar.

20091203meathookBoys.jpg"It's total stoner food," Mylan said of the cheeseburger sausage, which contains bits of rendered Benton's bacon, Worcestershire sauce, sharp New York state cheddar, onions and salt. "We're actually seeing if High Times wants to write about it."

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Two bacon cheeseburger links cooking up on the old Weber Smoky Joe.


"This particular batch has some barbeque sauce. It's modeled after the Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger from Carl's Junior. If you never had one it's a shame," Mylan said. I may never had that burger, but the Meat Hook's bacon cheeseburger sausage is utterly amazing. It's a perfect simulation of the fast-food classic. One bite into the crisp casing and a torrent of cheesy, bacony goodness oozes out combining with savory beef.


The Cougar with its filling of Benton's bacon ends, ground pork, ginger, soy, cilantro and shallots was also amazing. The ginger gave the sausage a wonderful bright heat that lingers on the palate.

I will be back to try Young's own creation: Long Dong Bud. Named after his father, the sausage contains roasted jalapenos, pork, pepperjack cheese, Texas Pete hot sauce, and cheap beer. "Right now it's Busch," Young said with a smile. Now that's one seriously strange sausage.

The Meat Hook

100 Frost Street, Brooklyn NY 11211 (map) 718-349-5033