Bklyn Larder's Fior di Latte Gelato: Best Ice Cream In Brooklyn?


Which is the tastiest of them all? [Photo: Erin Zimmer]

Everything from the cheeses to the prepared foods at Bklyn Larder (the Park Slope gourmet market from the folks at Franny's) is incredibly tasty—but incredibly pricey. I'd tried their vanilla and espresso gelato, and while delicious, I've never quite thought them worth $9/pint.

But last week, when I was looking for the perfect pie topper, I splurged on a pint of fior di latte gelato. It was the single best thing I ate this Thanksgiving. A flavor in almost every gelateria in Italy, but rarely found in the States, fior di latte translates to "flower of milk," and that's basically all that's in it. Take the freshest milk you can imagine (here, from Evans Farmhouse Creamery), add just enough salt to bring out the creaminess, and spin into airy, silky gelato. This is ice cream that takes you right back to the farm.

Sure, paying $9 still makes me shudder. But I prefer to think of it as, say, twenty cents for each exquisite bite. What better use for twenty cents than a moment with the most sublime gelato I've ever slid a spoon into? As of this writing, it's my favorite ice cream in Brooklyn, and I'm going back for another pint tonight.