Sugar Rush: Spot's Jackfruit Cake with Rum Toffee and Coconut

Sugar Rush

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"Asians love glitter." —Pichet Ong

20091118Spot Jackfruit Cake.jpg

[Photo: Spot]

Normally I'm not a dessert guy, but yesterday I stopped by Pichet Ong's Spot, which Kathy reviewed earlier today, for one of the chef's seasonal desserts: jackfruit cake with rum toffee and coconut. I've had young jackfruit cooked in savory Indonesian preparations as well as raw mature jackfruit. Why not try it baked into a sweet treat? The gigantic fruit is native to Southeast Asia, so I was curious to see what the Taiwanese-born, Thai-raised dessert chef would do with its sticky flesh.

Rum and "Disco Sparkles," after the jump.

Ong incorporates the jackfruit into a deep brown cake studded with raisins for a lighter take on traditional Christmas pudding. After baking it gets soaked with rum-scented toffee butter. Planks of ripe jackfruit, bits of coconut macaron and a quenelle of coconut sorbet surmounted by a band of basil seeds keep the rich cake company. It's so good, it might just might make me become a dessert guy after all.

Oh, and there's one other ingredient—Disco Sparkles—a fine, iridescent edible glitter. It's dessert as bling. When asked about this grace note, Ong replied, "Asians love glitter."


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