Mix It Up: The Bubbly Scribe at Raines Law Room


[Photos: Laren Spirer]

On Monday night, the Astor Center hosted its first Tweetup, co-sponsored by Chartreuse and LUPEC NYC. The idea behind the Tweetup was to gather up cocktail enthusiasts, many of whom are on Twitter, for an interactive event/cocktail party. We were fortunate enough to have Jean-Marc Roger, the president of Chartreuse Diffusion, visiting from France, which he only does twice a year. And although he wasn't willing to share the 130-item ingredient list for the age-old spirit, which is still made by monks in the French Alps, he was kind enough to donate yellow and green Chartreuse so the ladies of LUPEC could create Chartreuse-based cocktails for the group.

There were six drinks in all, each with an entirely different flavor profile, but each featuring yellow or green Chartreuse, and sometimes even both. The Bubbly Scribe was a light and easy drink, perfect for kicking of the night, created by Meaghan Dorman, of Raines Law Room. The citrus blends beautifully with the Chartreuse, and the bubbles lift it to a festive level. If you haven't been to Raines, it's a perfect example of the pre-prohibition speakeasy cocktail dens that are dotting the city of late, named after an 1896 New York State tax law passed in an attempt to curb liquor consumption. It's down a few stairs, filled with cozy booths equiped with buzzers for summoning the waitstaff.

The recipe, after the jump.

Bubbly Scribe

1 oz green chartreuse 1 oz yellow chartreuse 3/4 oz fresh lime 3/4 oz fresh grapefruit

Shake and strain into an ice-filled collins glass, and top with champagne.

Raines Law Room

48 West 17th Street, New York NY 10011 (map)