Housemade Sodas at Pichet Ong's Spot


[Photo: Kathy Chan]

We brought you the first word on Pichet Ong's new East Village "Spot" last week and promised we'd be back with more on the housemade sodas, which have since made their way on to the permanent menu.

The soda specials change on a daily basis, but they all share one common ingredient: sorbet. Pichet whips up new flavors of sorbet daily, and those flavors subsequently become the soda flavors of the day. On Friday, I stopped in and tasted both available options, passionfruit and raspberry.

The taste-test, after the jump.

The house sodas are layered with a scoop of sorbet (passionfruit in this case), followed by seltzer, then more sorbet, and finally a last pour of seltzer. To finish, a cloud of tart passionfruit foam (the same foam found in the plated Yuzu Eskimo dessert) and basil seeds.


The same formula applies for the raspberry sodas—minus the foam topping, plus a layer of macerated berries. A spoon is absolutely necessary in this case for scooping up the berries from the tall glass. Maneuver correctly and make sure to get a bit of the un-melted sorbet into your spoonful—it's a sublime and refreshing combo. A far cry from the housemade sodas that dominate this city (Dogmatic is the first place that comes to mind), the sodas at Spot are miles more refined.

The Dessert Files: A First Look at Pichet Ong's 'Spot'


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