Cabrito Roasting a Goat in Mad. Sq. Mark't Right Now, No Kidding


On Wednesday I took some time out from my busy schedule to help Robbie Richter roast this little piggy. [Photo: Kathy Chan]

As Pitmaster Robbie Richter, of the soon-to-open Fatty 'Cue likes to say, "These are meaty times." In case you missed out on the spit roasted pig banh mi sandwiches being offered at the Fatty Crab-Cabrito kiosk Wednesday at Mad. Sq. Mark't., today it's Cabrito's turn.

As you're reading this Chef David Schuttenberg is spit-roasting a goat as traffic whizzes (or more likely crawls) by. The beast has been marinated in garlic, onion, Serrano chilies, Seville orange juice, and salsa borracha. The latter translates to "drunken sauce" and is a traditional Mexican preparation made from toasted pasilla chilies, onion, garlic, and tequila. Schuttenberg expects the goat to be ready around 5:00 p.m. at which time the meat will be pulled, seared on a plancha, and made into $5 tacos dressed with more of the salsa borracha. Meaty times indeed.