Adventures in Aebelskivers: 'Viking Cuisine' at Madison Square Park Pop-Up Market


[Photos: Carey Jones]

Mad. Sq. Mark't, the pop-up food market at Madison Square Park this October, has plenty of New York favorites: Vendy winner Wafels & Dinges, the Fatty Crab, Hill Country, Cabrito, and more.

But nowhere else will you find Viking Cuisine—a Danish food stand that, as its slogan goes, "pillages the world's best foods and beverages." And really, what tastes better on a chilly fall day than warm pancake balls oozing molten chocolate?

All their recipes (aebelskivers, cookies, meatballs, and hot drinks) are brought over from Denmark, says the stall's owner, Claus—that'd be the guy in the hat. They'll be setting up shøp at the Madison Square Market in October, and at the Union Square Holiday Market through the end of the year. After that? They're still undecided.

Aebelskiver sizzle shots, after the jump.


The pancake-like batter is poured into the hot aebelskiver iron...


... and once it starts to set, dark chocolate chips are poked into the middle.


Each aebelskiver is rotated while it's cooking, so it gets browned all over.


All gussied up, with jam and powdered sugar! A bit heftier than other aebelskivers I've had, these had a dense, pancakey texture with a nicely gooey chocolate core.


There are also "Peppernut Cookies," or pebernødder, little crunchies made with pepper, ginger, and a good dose of anise. Winter warmers (helse drik!) include a coffee with cinnamon, brown sugar, and whipped cream, plus an orange-ginger honey drink.


And on the savory side, Danish meatballs, a fatty, juicy blend of beef, pork, and onions, with a mayonnaise-y potato salad.

Viking Cuisine is at the market's Food Square, located at West 24th Street between Fifth Avenue & Broadway (map).