The SOS at Shopsin's


[Photo: Robyn Lee]

The greatest thing about Shopsin's—well, one of the six or seven greatest things about Shopsin's—is that no matter how many times you return, there's always something you haven't yet attempted on their constantly revised tome of a menu. Like when Robyn Lee tried the S.O.S. "sandwich":

The menu describes it as "eggs, grits, creamed corned beef, hot sandwich," leading us to believe it would be one of those dishes consisting of two pieces of bread filled with a layer of something non-bready that someone with opposable thumbs could pick up. But we were a bit off.

It's a mound of grits on top of a slice of bread--wonderfully resilient, slightly spongy potato bread--topped with another slice of bread, with plenty of scrambled egg and corned beef chunklets throughout, all in a pool of some sort of savory cream sauce. Holy fugnut.