'Midtown Lunch' Inspires Indian Pizza Meet-up at Bombay Eats


[Photograph: Food Mayhem]

Remember that Indian saag paneer pizza that Midtown Lunch's Zach Brooks blogged about late last month? Recap: It was available whole-pie-only but Zach convinced the owner to jury-rig a single slice topped with saag paneer from the buffet.

Zach's readers organized an eat-up to try a couple whole pies cooked to order—ones in which the toppings weren't an afterthought but an integral part of the pizzas. They ordered a lamb keema pie and a saag paneer pie. MTL reader Adam Prato says:

Zach, your original post was intriguing, but absolutely paled in comparison to how good the Indian pizza actually was. This is worth going to especially if you like Indian food (so much so that I believe their buffet warrants its own review). The pizza actually works out to $3 a slice, which is more than reasonable for a Midtown Lunch if you go in a large group (as the owner won't do by-the-slice).

Jessica of Food Mayhem was at the eat-up and blogs about it, too, with some stellar photographic documentation of the pizzas the group ate.

Bombay Eats

314 West 52nd Street, New York NY 10019 (b/n Eighth and Ninth avenues; map) 212-265-7777