Best Burger in the World at The Little Owl?


[Photograph: Ed Levine]

According to the London Observer, the best burger in the world—in the world, people—is Joey Campanaro's LaFrieda-pattied, bacon-topped cheeseburger at New York's The Little Owl. (Would that they'd found a more authoritative expert consultant.)


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Well, at least they didn't pick the Corner Bistro. The Little Owl's burger is a beaut, with a shortrib-brisket blend and maple-cured bacon. Ed Levine raved about this burger, claiming the "house-made bun propels it to mythical, hall-of-fame status."

Still, though—how does anyone pick the world's best burger? Presumably, head to the United States of Burgers, pick an all-around culinary heavyweight town, and find the best burger there. That's logic that might work, say, for the pastrami on rye at Katz's (another entry on The Observer's list); there are only so many old-school delis in this great land of ours. But with so many burgers on so many griddles across this great meat-eating land, the notion of picking the best seems pretty ludicrous.

What's your nomination for the world's best burger? And could it beat The Little Owl's in a cagefight?