Eating Our Way Through the Doughnut Plant's Menu



Everything you need to make the most important meal of the day delicious.

A friend visiting from out of town rang me up last week. "I'm going to the Doughnut Plant tomorrow morning," she told me, "but I'm kind of overwhelmed by the options. What's the best doughnut they have?"

It was a seemingly innocent question, one logically posed to a food writer.

But asked to name the very best doughnut, I came up short. What kind of serious eater was I, if I hadn't sampled everything on the menu? I'd breakfasted my way through crème brûlée doughnuts and tres leches doughnuts, Blackout cake and carrot cake. But the other doughnuts had thus far eluded me. Even after grudgingly turning to Internet research, I couldn't locate a single piece with a comprehensive doughnut gallery.

There was only one solution--to trek down to the Doughnut Plant and order everything on the menu. All sixteen doughnuts, in pictures, in the slideshow above.


The verdict? Blackout, for the chocoholics; carrot cake, for the non-traditionalists; tres leches, for the sweet tooth sophisticate; and crème brûlée for any occasion. Almost across the board, the cake doughnuts were tastier than their yeast-risen counterparts (and this, from one who generally finds herself inclined towards the raised). Sure, they're a bit dense for an everyday morning meal. But in the world of doughnuts, there's no stopping halfway. Go big--or go for the cereal box.