Sugar Rush: Strawberry Ice Cream from Blue Marble

Sugar Rush

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Last summer, there was an ongoing conversation at Serious Eats world headquarters on strawberry ice cream. Could it survive on its own merits, or would it always live in the context of the Neapolitan trio? Vanilla and chocolate perform solo all the time, but that strawberry, it has to work a little harder (and maybe deservedly so).

I admit it. I usually skip over strawberry for something "more exotic" like grapefruit sorbet or pistachio. Silly, silly me. When it's good, strawberry ice cream is really good, and at Blue Marble—where they use nine pounds of real strawberries in every two-gallon tub, and the probability of jammy seeds getting stuck in your teeth is moderate to high—it's really damn good. It was like eating the flavor for the first time. My entire strawberry-ice-cream-is-inferior thesis went out the window.

Blue Marble Ice Cream

420 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11217 (map) 718-858-1100