Pesto, Peas, and Mint Pasta 'Splosion at Otto


Seeing the words "peas" and "mint" in a dish description basically translates to, "The rest of the menu means nothing; I must order that." As soon as I saw those words—along with ricotta salata—under taccozzotte con piselli e ricotta at Otto, my mind was made up. It didn't matter what taccozzotte was; I trust that any pasta from Otto's kitchen will be great, especially for the $9 price tag.

Result: pile of flat, wide, al dente pasta squares with ridges around the edges, all the better to retain the evenly distributed pesto sauce, topped with fresh, plump peas and grated ricotta salata (salted ricotta). If these ingredients appeal to you, you'll love this dish. If they don't, then find a way to like them because your life will be better for it. I'd recommend splitting this and a tomato-based dish with a friend. The acidity will provide a nice contrast against your plate of pesto-mint-pea-ricotta goodness.

One of my favorite parts about the dish was what happened after I ate it; my burps were mint-flavored.


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