Murray's Cheese Shop Ups Its Own Lunch Game


It stands to reason that a superior cheese shop should serve a superior cheese sandwich. And Murray’s Cheese Shop has long had an excellent sandwich counter. But they’ve really outdone themselves with Murray’s Melts—a design-your-own grilled cheese bar that lets you really take advantage of their tremendous fromage selection.

Start with bread from Blue Ribbon Bakery (white, wheat, or rye) or Eli’s Bread (a dense, grainy Health Loaf). Take your pick of fourteen different cheeses—from a young Manchego to a glossy Taleggio to a double crème brie. That’s your base sandwich, for $3.99. But things get exciting with the extras: Jamón Serrano, sautéed mushrooms, or a fig and onion jam. It’s quite an impressive list.

If my rusty high school math serves me correctly, there are over thirty million different sandwiches you could create from this list. (Though you might not love the blue cheese-salami with sundried tomatoes and quince paste.) Paralyzed by indecision? A few suggestions, after the jump.


A Taleggio sandwich on white bread with quince paste worked particularly well—the fruity tartness of the quince a necessary counter for the oceans of creamy, funky cheese.


Manchego with jamón Serrano and caramelized onions on health bread was just as appealing—less gooey, but more substantial, strata of thick, salty ham and still-intact cheese.


Murray’s also added a new set of pre-made sandwiches, including the French Onion Melt, with cave-aged gruyere and buttery, soft onions—like French onion soup on rye bread.


And the Old Skool Playa, whose name I won’t venture to explain: a cheddar-tomato-bacon that, wisely, lets the hefty, thick-cut Nueske bacon take center stage.

There's nothing too novel about a grilled cheese sandwich. But for the control-freak cheese-lovers out there—and I bet there are quite a few—there's nothing better than designing your own.

Murray’s Cheese Shop

254 Bleecker Street, New York NY 10014 (map) 212-243-3289