Sugar Rush: Blueberry Pie and New Soft-Serve Flavors at Momofuku Milk Bar

Sugar Rush

Your daily dose of something sweet.


I stopped by Momofuku Milk Bar late last night with soft-serve on the mind (humid nights call for cold desserts). A quartet of flavors debuted in the afternoon, replacing the former set of lemon verbena, rosemary, blackberry, and apricot soft-serves. Strawberry shortcake is doubtlessly the best of the current collection—clear and summery in flavor, creamy just so. Cereal milk appears for the second time on Milk Bar's soft-serve menu. It originally showed up in mid-Feburary and is the only flavor to appear twice. Peaches and cream slowly grows on you scoop after scoop. Both my companion and I didn't like it at first, but were gradually won over by the end; the peach essence is surprisingly mild. Cherries Jubilee was the least enjoyed, brash and sugary.


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However, what was even more exciting than the soft-serve was the blueberry pie. I'm a sucker for sweets incorporating blueberries, and this did not fail to impress. The finely ground graham cracker crust is topped with a tangy-sweet sour cream and blueberry filling. To finish: savory crumbles of corn streusel and fresh macerated blueberries. The filling verges on too rich, but the ratio of crust-to-filling-to-topping saves the day and prevents the pie from erring on the too-luxurious side. Blueberries and corn are a perfect pairing (think City Bakery's blueberry-corn muffin), and Momofuku Bakery mistress Christina Tosi's take is just divine.

Momofuku Milk Bar

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