Midtown Lunch's Street Meat Palooza 2 Finds the Best Chicken/Lamb Over Rice


The eaters descend upon their street meat prey.

Last week, Zach Brooks of Midtown Lunch organized the second annual Street Meat Palooza, inviting street meat lovers/food bloggers (including me) to rate chicken/lamb over rice dishes from 15 different carts in Midtown. Today he unveiled the results of the taste test including tasting notes, prices, locations, and rankings of the carts. Say hello to your new champion: Kwik Meal on 45th and 6th. Zach says,

The fact that Kwik Meal is the only cart in Midtown to serve actual chunks of lamb meat instead of gyro is only part of the appeal. Toss in a delicious, yogurt based tzatziki style white sauce, and a unique green sauce that will set your mouth on fire, it’s no surprise that this year’s judges said to hell with value, and crowned Kwik Meal the winner of Street Meat Palooza 2.

Being faced with a table full of street meat made me realize what a complete chicken/lamb over rice noob I am. While some carts were definitely better than others, I was fairly satisfied with everything and probably failed to add anything useful to Street Meat Palooza aside from my digestive power. The only cart I've been to repeatedly is Rafiqi's on 7th Avenue and 26th Street (the closest one to the Serious Eats office), which, in my opinion, churns out a good chicken over rice for $4—but I also like it because it only takes me a few minutes to walk there and there's hardly any wait. Still, Street Meat Palooza was an awesome way to get acquainted (and by that I mean "pummel my stomach") with this beloved Midtown Lunch dish; I'm already excited for SMP3!

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