Negroni Swizzle at Dutch Kills Is Seriously Refreshing


There are plenty of places to get a well-crafted cocktail in Manhattan these days: P.D.T., Mayahuel, Macao Trading Co., Death & Co., Angel's Share, Little Branch—the list goes on. But right now, my favorite place for a fine libation happens to be Dutch Kills, which lies on a gritty Long Island City block hard by the Queensborough Bridge. While the aforementioned places fall squarely into the lounge category, Dutch Kills is clearly striving to be a saloon that serves excellent cocktails. I think it was all the dark wood booths and the backroom with sawdust on the floor that led me to this conclusion.


The drink you're looking at above is known as the Negroni Swizzle, and lately it's become part of my cocktail rotation. You may remember the recent New York Times article on this refreshing variety of cocktails that's built over crushed ice and stirred or swizzled until the glass has nice coating of frost.

The Negroni Swizzle combines the refreshing nature of an ultra-chilled cocktail with all the beguilingly bittersweet flavor and digestif properties of its namesake, the Negroni. And believe me, with the way I eat, I'm often in need of a digestif.

The Negroni Swizzle consists of equal parts of Plymouth gin, Campari, sweet vermouth, soda, and a pinch of salt. I wish I had a clearer memory of the recipe for those who wish to try it at home. Better yet, why not just head over to Dutch Kills. Tell them Joey Deckle sent you.

Dutch Kills

27-24 Jackson Avenue, Long Island City NY 11101 718-383-2724