Bistro Truck: Moroccan Street Food Coming Soon to Union Square


You've probably never had tagine from a truck before, but that'll change soon. Moroccan-born Yassir Raouli is launching Bistro Truck later this month in the Union Square area. The concept is affordable Moroccan food with Mediterranean influences. As he'll let you know, the lamb is not the gyro kind—it's the once-bahhhing, real-deal roasted lamb meat kind served with couscous and a salad ($7). He's also excited about the Dijon Chicken ($6) made with mustard and creme fraiche, and the secret sauce (mayo, harissa, and "some other stuff") and grass-fed beef on the Bistro Burger ($4.75).


This is a very early sneak peak at the menu. Before lamb, Raouli was more focused on off-the-shoulder dresses, working on his wife's fashion line Elsa Leon. He's had some restaurant experience, but only front of the house. Joined by a recent culinary school grad, he'll be manning the truck during lunch hours until about 7 or 8 p.m., at least for now. If all goes well, Raouli would love to keep Bistro Truck running 24 hours a day. Follow Bistro Truck on